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Embracing The ‘Mill

Posted Jan 04 2014 7:09pm

Hey there!  It has been a while, huh?

Life and work kind of have gotten in the way of my training and blogging.  Hopefully I can get going again on both now.

The big news around my house is that John and I bought a TREADMILL! 

I know, I know…long time friends and readers of this blog know my history  with the treadmill.   I think I have made my disdain (um fear?) for (me) using them pretty clear over the years.

So yeah…about that. 

For the past week I have been looking at this when I start my truck in the morning:

And it pretty much stays that way all day (OK it warms up to -19)

Here is the thing.  I am a FIRM believer that you can always dress for any condition.

In my case, I literally work out in those conditions.  I am freezing my butt off all day, then I get home, finally get warm and out of my winter gear…the last thing I really want to do is dress up like the  Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (woman) and head back out into the frigid darkness to waddle around Caratunk.

So what I am saying, is that I lose my ambition when I get home – often times I am leaving at 5am and don’t get home until 6pm…so my options for training are pretty danged limited as it is. 

Throw in -20 and dark and I am snuggling on the couch with this guy:

Anyway…we have had the treadmill for 2 days. 

I. Freaking. LOVE IT. 

I mean, I like it a lot.

Honestly – I would rather run outside if I can, but this is an excellent option that I have never had before.  And with my new work schedule being crazy like it is, this is going to be awesome.  

I haven’t even fallen off of it yet!  That is pretty big news, but stay posted, it could happen at any time.

My training is going to be very run focused this year – I plan on some big touring type of bike rides and a few big swims, a tri or two - but my primary place is going to be running the trails around here as much as possible and doing some trail races.

I am pretty excited about 2014, it is the first time in a long time I do not have training for an Ironman as my main focus.  I feel like I am being honest about what I really want to do, and I look forward to exploring a whole  new aspect of one of my favorite things to do – run!

Thanks for reading!


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