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Elite Endurance Events Getting More Difficult To Get Into

Posted Apr 02 2011 7:32am

Leadville qualify

Are you one of the many people that are trying to get signed up for an Ironman race?  Have you volunteered at the event the year before to get first dibs on registration the next day? 

Were you witness to WTC’s ill-fated Ironman Access Program ( ) that would allow you the privilege of early sign up for a meager $1000?

Many long distance triathletes also cross over to other sports as well, such as mountain biking.  One pinnacle mountain bike race is the Leadville 100 which has been made famous by riders such as Lance Armstrong and Levi Leipheimer ( ). 

Easy to get in?  No. 

You have to enter the lottery system and the system in which the lottery works isn’t exactly clear, which makes getting in a very problematic if you have not participated before or a pro.

So what’s an everyday endurance athlete to do in order to get in?  Qualify.  That’s just what the Leadville series has introduced.  Want in on Leadville 100?  Check out how to qualify ( ).  The events are even advertised to not be as technically challenging as Leadville so you don’t have to be a pro to get qualified.  You no longer have to trust “fate” and “luck” to get in.

Why does a mountain bike race concern you triathletes out there?  I wrote an article about if Ironman will be jumping the shark ( ) soon, and suggested a way to qualify for Ironman events if you don’t have the means to be there they year before to register in person or have the cash to buy your way in with a foundation spot.  It seems as if the Leadville series has heard the call.

It may not be perfect, it may not work all that great (time will tell), but at least there are series events out there thinking outside of the box for ways to make the average endurance athlete feel included in the fun.


Ryan Falkenrath writes the blog , and is a married father of two, owner of three dogs and trying to balance life, work and multisport. Ryan has participated in multisport events since 2001.  Ryan is also the Kansas Endurance Sports Examiner and you can read more of his triathlon thoughs  HERE .  Contact Ryan at: or follow him on  @TriJayhawkRyan

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