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Eating "naturally" - it's not a diet fad

Posted Jul 31 2012 12:15pm
You read it on a box of food and you hear people telling you to eat "naturally" but in terms of this blog post:
Natural - listen and trust your body. 
In looking at the performances of the Olympic athletes, it not hard to overlook the machine that powers great performances. Not sure about you, but I see strength. I don't see skinny.

This is something that I strive for in my eating style and that I challenge my athletes (both coaching and nutrition) to consider when changing dietary habits. It's not about restriction or the freedom to eat whatever you want but rather, having a "prescription" as to how you eat, what you eat and why you a non-obessive, non-restrictive and balanced way. It's not about eating without limits or eating in a strict manner - it's all about prioritizing the nutrition around workouts (I call that "sport nutrition") and knowing what will make you feel energized and satisfied throughout the day, all to enhance overall health.

Allowing yourself the freedom to eat whatever you want may seem overwhelming as if you will overindulge and not reach diet, body, health or performance goals. But, when the focus is off a number on a scale and rather on your body in motion and how it performs throughout the day, there is an endless amount of freedom as to how you will see your diet and what foods will help you feel alive and well.

Life isn't about depriving yourself of food that can enhance your lifestyle. Don't let your diet or food control you.

As you think about the food in your diet and how it makes you feel as you are eating it, consider the nutrients that will allow you to have great performances as you are training/exercising.

An appropriate quote for this yummy creation.....
“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” - Albert Einstein

Optional - top with seeds. I had some pumpkin seeds (not pictured) that I added at the end.
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