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Eat Organic = Eat Less?

Posted Aug 03 2011 3:11pm

Over the past year or so, I have been slowly weeding through my everyday food staples and transitioning to organic or cleaner alternatives. I would guestimate that I eat 75-80% organic when an organic option is available. Unfortunately, I live in a rinky dink little town where there are no Whole Foods, Earth Fares, or Trader Joes. So, organic options are not always available, but I do the best I can. 

Unfortunately, 99% of the time eating organic = higher grocery bills. Here are some of my organic food favorites. 





I am a MAJOR cereal eater. Back when I ate craptastic cereal, I would fill the bowl to the brim and not think twice about it.  But now that I eat organic, I am very mindful of my portion size. I want to get as much organic bang for my buck!  I eat probably half of my old portion size and a box of organic cereal lasts me twice as long as a normal box of cereal did.  Obviously, portion control is a HUGE issue for me!

While eating my reasonably portioned bowl of Kashi cereal this morning, a light bulb went of in my head



Does eating organic (read: more expensive food!) cause me to eat less (read: more appropriate portion size)? I am honestly equally satisfied eating a little less. I tend to overeat and feel completely stuffed when I eat non-organic foods, because my portions are bigger.

Stay with me here….. It would appear that the only reason that I gorge myself eat more when I eat non-organic is because I subconsciously know that it costs less therefore I can eat more food for less $$.

If this is the case, could my reduced organic portions eventually equate to weight loss? So far, I have not seen a difference on the scales. BUT I also, have not been working out as much as I normally do (damned lack of motivation grrrrr!) AND I have not gained weight either.  That has to mean something, right?

Could I be on to something? I’m not saying that eating organically can directly cause weight loss. I know that organic does not always = low fat, low calorie or necessarily “healthy”. I am saying that because organic eating is more expensive it could help me to control my portion sizes…..because I am cheap :)  

Do you eat an exclusively or a majority organic diet?  If so, are you more mindful of your portion sizes when eating organically?

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