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Dress The Greyhound

Posted Jan 11 2009 5:41pm
When, like me, you're not terribly fast or strong, wardrobe is everything. If I think I look tough, I am more confident. Thus, Billy Crystal was right: "It is better to LOOK good than to FEEL good."

I have three potential outfits for the big day, all of them well-tested in training and known not to produce unseemly abrasions in all of my favorite (and most important) places. I'm pretty sure I know which one I want to wear, but lacking anything blogworthy to mention (other than a celebrity mystery blogger small world breakfast yesterday ) I throw it out there for your consideration. As for the breakfast, I recommend keeping a safe distance from a hungry athena at all times, with a heavy oaken table betwixt you. I did so, and came away with all my appendages intact. And, though I have almost called her a goddess (as in "Goddess of Kick Ass"), her union with Iron Benny is safe. Notwithstanding her pitiable pleas, I refrained from massaging her feet.
Now, in choosing a suitable outfit, bear in mind that it will be 70 degrees and humid at the start and probably 80 by the finish.
Cast your vote in the comment section. The three options are:
1. Team Kit, in which I have done my triathlons to date:
If worn, the team kit will be modified to include running shorts due to the tendency of those tri shorts to irritate the . . . . uhm . . . "fancy parts" if worn over 15 miles.
2. Nike orange gear in which I ran my best marathon to date and which makes me somewhat easier to pick out from the thousands of mid-packers around me:


And . . .. . . . . .
* * * * * * * Drum Roll Here * * * * * *
3. A replica of the jersey Steve Prefontaine wore as a high school runner:
If you are interested in getting live updates on the carnage tomorrow, go here to create a login, search for the male GrAy hound from Texas and you can do so.
Look for one more, inspirational, one line post before the race, then I'll go dark until I have sufficient energy and broad band access to contact you again.
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