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Do You Get It?

Posted Jun 05 2009 5:07pm
Today (Easter Sunday), my friend and I went out for our training ride. My schedule called for a 3 hour ride and I'm not certain what she had - however, she had done a duathlon race yesterday and was really only in for a recovery ride. Today, the weather was not ideal. It was low 40s with 17 mph winds - I'm sure the gusts were more than that.

We were talking about our friends and family and the fact that they just don't get the whole triathlon workout ethic. This made me think about a comment my father made a few days ago. I had asked him what he had done all day and he said "nothing." He went on to explain that he's earned that right - because of his age.

I have to say that I'm very disappointed in that remark. I'm 55 years old and I hope when I reach his age I can say that I've earned the right to continue a quality life. I hope that I'm laying the ground work now that will help ensure my health and my ability to continue living a life that is more rewarding than just sitting in a chair in front of the TV all day long. Honestly, what type of existence is that?

I watched my aunt, who was always rather vibrant, let her life just slip away. She became extremely obese and at the end of her life, she wasn't able to get up and go to the bathroom herself. I worry that my father is headed down that path - how do you change that mentality? Is there a way to get through to him? I wonder what he thinks when he gets up every day - breakfast and on to the chair and the trusty remote.

I watch overweight people running around the stores in their motorized carts and I want to scream - Get off your fat ass and do something! Foreigners are SO right when they say that Americans have become fat and lazy - I look at children in church who are already exploding out of their jeans and look pudgy. What type of lazy adults are these children going to be?

I hope that I am setting an example for my kids (who are now adults) that you can continue to live a healthy active lifestyle - that this is what you should strive for and continue to maintain.

So, I'm here to say that I Get It - I Want It and I will continue as long as I can and hope I don't see the day when I'm resigned to sitting in my chair and watching life go by.
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