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DIY bike snow chains for winter training in the deep and icy stuff

Posted Dec 29 2010 1:43pm


OK, we have to admit that we'd think twice (no make that three times) before putting these Do It Yourself bike snow chains on a tri bike.

On the other, it seems like a pretty ingenious solution to riding in the snow and ice. We're also betting they'd be great on a mountain bike...especially if you like in New York City.

The Blog Dutch Bike Co recently published a post called, "SNOWPOCALYPSE."

In the story the author used zip ties to enhance the traction of his bike.


Think of these as a DIY sort of bike snow chains.

The result, at least according to the blog:

"I can accelerate, brake, and corner with aplomb, even on the vile snowpack/sheet ice mix the plows leave in the bike lanes. The zip ties dig nicely into the hardest packed surfaces, but they're thin enough not to bounce the bike around at low speed or on short pavement sections."


You can read the entire story HERE .

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