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Did Tyler Hamilton take a banned substance on purpose and commit professional suicide?

Posted Jun 17 2009 6:06pm

Tylerx Eight years---that how long Tyler Hamilton got suspended for after testing positive for taking a banned substance.

In the world of professional cycling that' s pretty much the end of 38-year-old Hamilton' s professional cycling career.

After testing positive Hamilton himself came out almost immediately and said he had taken DHEA as self-medication for depression.

But the question swirling around the insiders of the cycling world is if Tyler took the DHEA on purpose--knowing that he would be tested, caught, and suspended.

So why would Hamilton commit professional cycling suicide, you might be asking yourself right about now?

It is no secret that the Boulder, Colorado based rider was having a difficult time in both his professional and personal life.

Since 2004 when he tested positive for homologous blood transfusion, and served a mandatory two-year suspension Tyler has admitted to an ongoing battle with clinical depression.

He has also had a turbulent personal life that many who know him say has taken a great toll on the former TdF rider.

According to a 2008 interview in VeloNews Hamilton is quoted as saying:

"My wife and I, last year we spent most of the year apart. I was racing and living in Italy, and she stayed here and was working in real estate. We struggled a lot, last year was the fourth year (since the positive doping test), and it’s almost like we made it through this dark cloud, but it almost took so much away from us … it almost drained us. By the time we got through it, we had no energy left towards our marriage."

It is also not unheard of that some professional athletes have a difficult time putting down the bat, the football, the basketball, or in this case the bike and returning to civilian life.

Given all of these factors many cycling insiders today are wondering if Hamilton decided to take the "obvious" way out and knowing commit professional suicide.

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