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Posted Nov 05 2009 10:01pm
Metatarsal Stress fracture.
I am writing in red because that's how it feels. Red hot pulsing aching pain.

I'm not going to take a lot of time feeling pity for myself. I was fairly depressed about this on Monday and Tuesday as I came to realize this is probably what was going on. I felt sorry for myself. I cried. I slammed a few things around. (not the foot though! )
Now, I guess I have to stop and feel lucky. I competed in Ironman Lake Placid and basically had the race of my life. I had a few strange pains after that-switched to deep water running-and held whatever was going on in there off for a few more months. I continued to run hard and long for a few more months. I got to the starting line in Kona.
And I did it. Every day I smile at my finisher's medal.
This annoying injury could have struck me on July 10th. Or October 3rd. But it didn't. It waited until November. And Hey! it's hunting season in my back yard so I guess running wasn't meant to be right now anyway! But seriously, it is November. I am ok. I will be just fine. I can swim. I can bike. I can do lots of core work.
I caught it early and it will heal.
From here I move forward. I will hope for the pain to stop. I will take lots of Vit D and Calcium and my Multivitamin of course. I will eat lots of healthy food. I am off my off-season splurge fest.
Tomorrrow...I am off to substitute teach in a 4th grade classroom! Wish me luck!
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