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Dear Jim Cantore

Posted Aug 21 2009 12:39pm
It's not that bad out. Really. It's not. I turned on the weather channel this morning and it seemed all of the Sunday morning weather guys where having mini orgasms (sorry to but it that way - but I can't help it!) They where so giddy about Claudette (which was not even considered a tropical storm at 6am) as well as Bill and who ever else is brewing up in the gulf.

But Jim - come one now. Stop making it look like it's a freaking cat 4 when it's just a tropical depression. You're scaring the tourists :)

My mom came down from St. Louis to not only hang out on the beach and spend time with my sister and I - but she also moved my sister back to the midwest. I miss her terribly - but she has decided to go back to school to be a teacher. So I went from a full house - to an empty condo. Kind of - hmmm..well, lonely. But it won't last long - big J and I found a great place on the bay which we are going to be moving into over the next few weeks!! Anyone need a place to crash for IMFL!?!? We have room!

Bidezillas? I know some of you have to watch it. It totally stresses me out to watch - come on rock of love! I need you in times like this!!
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