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Days like these

Posted Dec 12 2008 7:07pm

There are times in the day when I am struck with incredulity. How can it be that a man who has defined his professional and personal life by fitness suddenly is unable to do it? Then I consider myself very lucky to have all my body parts, for the most part all my mental faculties and despite my currently failing liver a decent level of health. The trade off to potentially not being able to train like I did for so long is that I can still be a whole father and husband.

My future is still incredibly bright and regardless of any physical defections I may have I will not slide into sloth or obesity. I am not stunted in my outlook. Like I have preached many a time, "Ever Forward. Charlie Mike." For all the trouble those mantra's have caused they have been the foundation for me to do great things. And will continue to do so.
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