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Days #5, 6 & 7 of a 111 Day Journey To Kona - Um, Those Were Big Hills

Posted Jun 28 2010 7:59pm

This past weekend O and I went to Deep Creek Lake, Maryland for a training weekend of fun with friends.

After work on Friday, O picked me up and we were on our way!

Friday we didn't do much but we did get ready for a good weekend of training by properly fueling ourselves!


That is O's hand in the background to give you some perspective on the size of this thing! There were 9 of us though... :)

After pizza we stuffed all 9 of us into a house that sleeps 4. It was fun! It was like a big sleep over! The bikes had to sleep in the car though because there was no room for them in the cabin.

On Saturday morning we were all up bright and early for the BIG ride! Now it should be noted that I DID NOT have a big weekend of training. My training schedule for Kona is just getting started and I had a 3 hour ride on Saturday. So that meant when the options for the organized ride on Saturday were 50 miles, 102 miles and 125 miles, I had to do the 50. BOOOO. I really wanted to do the 102 but Coach nixed that idea. In the end though it was probably for the best.

Why you ask? Well in just 50 miles of riding there was 5000 feet of climbing. Holy moly. The 102 mile ride option had 11,000 feet of climbing and the 125 mile option? You don't want to know. Just take my word for it - it was sick (15,500 feet).

So O, Lisa, Jen and I all did 50 miles. The superstars of the group - Jocelyn, Jeremy, Chad, Bill and Matty all did the so called Diabolical Double (125 miles that was basically all uphill :).

I rode with Chad, Bill, Jeremy and Matty until around 25 miles where they went right and I went left. It was at that point that I wasn't too sad that I was half way done and they still had 100 miles. :) The climbs were absolutely BRUTAL. Steep. Long. And most of all, relentless. As Chad said "it was like going to the gym and doing squats all day long." :)

But the views were beautiful.


I finished the ride up myself, reunited with Lisa, O and Jen and then we all went swimming while those other crazy cats were still riding. We had plenty of time for a swim since we were done about...oh...5 hours before those that rode the 125 miler. :)

Jen towed me around Deep Creek Lake for an awesome 1 hour open water swim. I didn't wear my wetsuit and the water was so nice and refreshing!


And then we still had time to shower, eat, relax, watch soccer, etc...before the rest of the gang finished their ride! We did go back to the finish to watch them pedal up that last hill (the hill to the finish was so brutal I almost had to mailman it - next year I DEFINITELY need a 27 cassette!).

Saturday night there was a BBQ for all the riders. Then we added on some ice cream. Then we all slept like babies for many hours. ;)

Sunday morning we awoke (albeit a little slower) for a nice trail run. Again, I didn't have much of a long run but I did get to run with Jocelyn for 70 minutes! We chatted away and I really wished I didn't have to stop (while she kept running for another 90 minutes!).

After the run, more swimming!


The gang minus O and I and Bill. What a crew of hard core Ironmen and Ironwomen - O and I were definitely the least accomplished of all these amazing athletes!

And then after the swim?



And I was really proud of O, by the way. After not riding more than 100 miles this ENTIRE year thus far, he conquered the 50 miler with gusto! (and wore off most of the skin on his hands while braking down all the hills :). He also swam in a wetsuit for the first time and got in 2 open water swims. And of course ran with Bill, Chad, Jeremy and Matty for 2:00++ on Sunday. Craziness!

Overall it was an amazing weekend. I was really inspired by everyone, how hard they work, their love for the sport and just how dedicated everyone is. Oh and we had a lot of fun. Lots of laughs. I can't wait to do it again next year! (but I definitely need that 27 cassette, a taper, and maybe a motor on Petey if I plan on doing anything other than the 50 miler again :)

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