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Day 71: Cool Weather Hurricane

Posted Mar 12 2010 7:24pm
Posted by Brandon on Mar 12, 2010 |

March 12, 2010

Date: 3/12/10

Consecutive Days Run: 71

Runner: Brandon Wood

Shoes: La Sportiva Wildcat GTX

Location: New York, NY

Type of Run: Quickie

Time of Day: 7:33 PM EST

Distance Run: 1.46 miles

Time Run: 00:11:49

Average Pace: 08:06 per mile

Weather Conditions: Cold-ish (40 degrees Fahrenheit) WINDY, Raining

Disposition: Good

Link to Run Detail:

About the Run: My assigned run for today was for an hour and fifteen minutes fairly slow. It was only a mile.

I knew early in the day today that this was a very distinct possibility due to the weather. Forecasters were calling for rain and high winds, and they were not mistaken. To be honest, as one who has been in them, this seemed very much akin to a cold weather hurricane. I let Coach Jeff know that this was a possibility and he understood. To be fair, I did have a good swim today already and this was more a recovery run than anything.

During the run itself, I was literally blown sideways several times and stopped dead in my tracks others. The weather for tomorrow is supposed to be even worse, with the rains coming in downpours and the winds reaching forty plus miles per hour. Fortunately, my workout for tomorrow calls for a 3.5 hour ride, which must be done on the trainer, followed by a 15 minute transition run to get my legs used to going from bike to run.

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