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Day 6: Quickie

Posted Jan 06 2010 5:28pm
Posted by Brandon on Jan 6, 2010 |

January 6, 2010

Date: 1/6/09

Consecutive Days Run: 6

Runner: Brandon Wood

Shoes: Newton AW Trainers

Location: New York, NY

Type of Run: Quick, easy

Time of Day: 6:01 PM EST

Distance Run: 2.01 miles

Time Run: 00:14:58

Average Pace: 7:25 per mile

Weather Conditions: Cold (30 degrees Fahrenheit)

Disposition: Happy

Link to Run Detail:

About the Run: This was the first of what I assume will be many runs in this streak that I’ll kind of just want to get done. Not because I feel tired, but because I have a lot of stuff to do at home. You see, in preparation for our little bundle of joy in March, my wife and I are turning what was formerly our den, into a nursery for our daughter. We are currently in the home stretch of this project, but also at the place where all the big stuff, i.e. painting the walls and hanging a new chair rail, and now that little details seem to be never ending. As a matter of fact, at this moment, I am waiting for the floor to dry after being mopped so that I can tape it and then move on to painting the moulding.

As for my run, it was following a swim this afternoon of 3100 meters and preceding a spin on the trainer this evening of one hour. I went out pretty quick and actually had some bait in the form of a guy who was not super fast, wearing none other than tights, with yellow shorts over them! Anywho, after passing Senor Amarillo Pantalones Cortos I went on my way, briefly thinking about turning around when I hit the .5 mile mark, but kept going to one mile out.

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