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Day 5: West Side Wind

Posted Jan 05 2010 5:48pm
Posted by Brandon on Jan 5, 2010 |

January 5, 2010

Date: 1/5/09

Consecutive Days Run: 5

Runner: Brandon Wood

Shoes: Newton AW Trainers

Location: New York, NY

Type of Run: Step up run. (details below)

Time of Day: 2:20 PM EST

Distance Run: 7.68 miles

Time Run: 00:58:11

Average Pace: 7:34 per mile

Weather Conditions: Cold (30 degrees Fahrenheit), Wind out of the North at about 10 mph

Disposition: Happy

Link to Run Detail:

About the Run: Today’s run from Coach was: “Step up run. Warm up 10 minutes then run 20 minutes zone 3 then 25 minutes zone 4 really make the effort to hold the Lt effort. recover by jogging slowly and stretching” I was pretty excited to get outside for my run when the sun was actually in the sky today. Unfortunately, I forgot my sunglasses and it was not the most fun as I ran downtown on the West side of Manhattan (click details above). I read somewhere recently that you’d be surprised how much energy you waste while trying to deal with the sun. Fortunately, the down-island portion of my run (about the first 30 mins) went well.

Once I turned around was when I needed to go into HR Zone 4. The first 15 minutes went very well and then I found that I had to pee (sorry for the gory details!). This got me thinking about how to manage my pee breaks during races. It seems that when I am in an important event, bad things happen when I stop to pee. This is something that I will definitely have to address with Coach and with others more experienced than I.

The rest of the way through this run went very well. I had no idea about my pace because I had me Garmin setup to only display my total time and my heart rate zone. This is because I tend to over think things sometimes when I am in an HR based workout and just being able to see my HR and clock is all I need.

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