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Day #47 - Eyeball Update

Posted Aug 06 2010 8:02am

So my eyeballs. If you've been reading this blog you know I've been having some trouble with them lately. First, back in mid-June, corneal ulcers. Then corneal abrasions in early July and then worst of all, the most evil eye virus ever 2 weeks ago in North Carolina.


I can tell you for sure that up until this all started I definitely took my eye sight and my ability to wear contacts daily for granted. And now I most certainly don't!

Also, I HATE WEARING GLASSES. Darn it, do I hate them. I don't know how people live without contacts. I mean obviously it can be done but at least for me, contacts improve my quality of life! (okay, that sounds a little dramatic, but really, I don't like wearing glasses :)

Anyway, I've been soooooooo good. Over the past two weeks (since the virus) I have only worn my contacts once - for my long ride last Saturday - because there was no way I was doing a 5 hour ride inside on the trainer when it was 80 degrees and sunny outside. Other than that, I've kept the contacts out - wearing my glasses during the work day and just being blind at the pool and on my runs, and riding on the trainer.

So today I had an eye appointment and let me tell you, I was READY! My eye doctor is good but so, so busy and I can never get two words out before he's in the exam room and then...OUT in a flash of brilliance. I always leave thinking "oh, I wish I would have asked this or that or the other thing." Darn it!

But today I had a list of questions. All written down on a piece of paper. That I showed him as soon as he walked in. I was getting answers today if it killed him...or me!

And I did get my answers 1) My eyes look fine. No damage. I can start wearing my contacts again. (thank you God!)
2) No, I'm not doing anything wrong. There is just something in the environment or in my solution/contacts/case/etc... that my eyeballs don't like.
3) Right now the plan is to try my own contacts again (but I will probably only wear them for training) but if anything happens again, the next step is to go to one day disposables because that reduces a lot of the potential problems (no solution, no case, contacts don't have time to get gunky, etc...).
4) If that doesn't work it's the prescription goggles/prescription sunglasses (for running and riding) route. BLAH!

WHEW! I'm sure you could all really care less about my eyeball woes (but thanks for listening). But if anything, it's a reminder that good, working eyeballs are just another thing to add to the list of things to be thankful for! :)

In other news, Oscar came home from Target yesterday bearing gifts 1) 2 reams of printer paper
2) hangers (seriously, where do all the hangers go?? because we never seem to have enough!)
3) the best shirt ever for me!!! :)


I love it! (and you may notice a very cute dog by the name of Roxy in the picture as well :)

Also, I GET TO RACE ON SUNDAY! I was worried about doing this race because I didn't want to lose any precious IM training time but coach just solved that problem by making sure I got in all my usual training AND the race. Ouch! :) (I asked for it!) I do get a day off today though - my one day taper! :) Anyway, it's a close race, just south of the PA border in Morgantown, WV, home of the WVU Mountaineers! (and yes, their mascot name could give you an indication of the topography of the course :)

I am most excited to race! Oscar is doing the half ironman - his first! I am doing only the Olympic (which I'm sure will still hurt quite a bit nonetheless). We swim in the "Mon" (Monongahela River, and yes, I had to google how to spell that sucker - there is a reason we call it the "Mon"!). I hope the Mon is cleaner in West Virginia because it's pretty gross in Pittsburgh! We bike up big hills and the half iron course rides up into Pennsylvania. And then we run on the flat bike path along the river. Should be an awesome time! :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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