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Day 15: Man’s Best Friend

Posted Jan 15 2010 8:38pm
Posted by Brandon on Jan 15, 2010 |

January 15, 2010

Date: 1/15/09

Consecutive Days Run: 15

Runner: Brandon Wood

Shoes: Newton AW Trainers

Location: New York, NY

Type of Run: Intervals

Time of Day: 4:58 PM EST

Distance Run: 1.83 miles (I believe it to be closer to 2.5 miles)

Time Run: 00:24:29 (contrary to what the Garmin data says)

Average Pace: 9:47 per mile

Weather Conditions: Cool (45 degrees Fahrenheit), clear

Disposition: Good

Link to Run Detail:

About the Run: Today I decided to take my dog Annie on my run with me. We also have Bubba, a three year old Yorkiepoo whom we rescued from the North

Me and Annie

Shore Animal League, but Annie is the Princess. She is a nine year old mutt and though she is a bit crazy sometimes, she is the sweetest, most gentle dog. Because I got home a bit earlier than usual today, and because it wasn’t as cold as it has been recently, I thought she would love getting out and going for a run with Dad.

In my post yesterday ( Day 14: Tight Left Calf ) I said that I was going to aim to do in the neighborhood of a 5 mile tempo run, however, Coach Jeff put the smack down on that idea. So instead, we headed out the door for one of my quick two-milers. Annie’s pace was slower than mine, mainly because she wanted to sniff everything we passed, but also because she hasn’t run in a while with my wife as she usually does because of our impending bundle of joy. This was probably a good thing that made me keep my pace in check.

As we got to about the .75 mile mark, I decided to head off my normal route and run up into some of the wonderful paved trails in Inwood Hill Park . I love running these trails, but have not had much opportunity of late to run them. As we made our turn into the park, I stopped to remove Annie’s leash and at the same time paused my Garmin . We went on our way through the wonderful tree-lined hills that make you forget that you’re in one of the biggest cities on the planet. Simply amazing.

As we began our descent, we stopped for a couple of minutes so Annie could answer Nature’s call, and I again pressed the pause button on my Garmin . However, I noticed that rather than saying “Timer Stopped” it said “Timer Started”! CRAP. I had run what I think was about .75 miles with my timer off, and thus my map was not tracking either. This is one problem I have with my Garmin 305 . Now, before I get a flurry of people telling me about the Auto-pause feature, I am well aware of that. Last summer, on many a long ride and run, my data fell victim to the inconsistencies of the Auto-pause feature. It would often not pause at all, and other times it would pause while I was in motion. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my Garmin , but I wish that feature worked a bit better.

We wrapped up our run together, a run that I hope will be the first of many. I also would like to bring Bubba along on runs of his own. However, neither of my pups are going to run in the rain or snow, trust me I don’t need that kind of mess in the house!

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