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Day #14 of a 111 Day Journey To Kona - Happy Holiday Weekend!

Posted Jul 04 2010 5:15pm

I could get used to weekends like this! Two days of work spread out over three days of "weekend". That's good stuff!

Happy 4th of July everyone! This is a pretty awesome holiday, although I'd have to say that Roxy probably doesn't agree. Poor dog has been hiding underneath the bed since Friday night (when the fireworks start in our neighborhood).

Otherwise though, great weekend. Nice weather (it's getting HOT HOT HOT again!) and more time than usual which means there has been time to relax and BREATHE. I like that. :) Quality time spent on my bike and on the trails running with O. Doesn't get much better than that!

Holiday weekend by the numbers:

# of spider webs I ran through this morning on my long run: about 14,543,867 (argh!)
# of bug bites received on long run: about 14,543,868
# of times I thought "I LOVE running on this trail!" despite spider webs/bug bites: 14,543,869

# of naps taken this weekend (thus far): 3 (I love me a good nap)

# of FULL laps of the men's 5000 meters shown on NBC during coverage of the Pre Classic: 4 (O and I had a bet on this, I lost)

# of cobs of corn consumed today: 2 (Mmm...corn on the cob!)
# of times I wished I had a toothpick since consuming said cobs of corn: 56

# of times I was amazed today at how fast pro triathletes can run the marathon at the end of an IM: 4 (having run a few open marathons, I can attest to how rough it is to run hard for that long)

# of days until my next race: 6 (I CAN'T WAIT!)

# of minutes spent watching the TdF: not enough (will work on that this week :)
# of times O watched the video of the "dog crash" today at Le Tour to ensure the dog was okay: wayyyyyy too many :)

Hope everyone has a great evening and (if you have tomorrow off work like me) another great "weekend" day tomorrow!

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