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Danger Land Shark

Posted Mar 01 2009 12:00am

For those who can remember it, here’s a classic from Saturday Night Live In honour of Amy and Natalie. (I tried to insert it as a video, but not much success. I never said I was an HTML expert.)

Amy recently won the 11 Global Olympic Distance race in Capetown. From what I understand, the swim was done just around the point from where the great whites hang out. I am sure Amy would have been able to outswim any great whites cruising for a meal, or at least outswim enough other competitors to avoid becoming shark bait.

Nat posted about her fear of sharks, and apparently bull sharks have been found to have swam up the Mississippi River during hurricane storm surges, and in 2006, no less than 3 were captured near Lake Pepin, part of the Mississippi.

Hows that for motivation to make your splits next masters workout.

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