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Damn hippies

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:14pm

Today started off with me announcing the start of the Shiner GASP. It's a 100 mile ride from Austin to Shiner. Google it to find out more.

After that I jumped over to J&A's to go for a ride by myself to see where I was with my biking. Bad move on my part. I ended up meeting up with the J&A's shop team who were waiting for the ATC Taco ride to come rolling by. I was not prepared to take this on but I really didn't have a choice. Well.... it didn't take long for me to figure out my cycling sucks right now. I was dropped before the 10 mile mark. So I just settled in to what I wanted to do. It was made kind of tough since my bike computer wasn't working. But I did my best to gauge where I was in effort and went with that. I did the Bee Caves loop 2 twice and didn't do as well on the second loop as I did the first. I was a little disappointed with that. At about mile 50 my legs started to fade and I struggled a bit to finish off the 60.

What made the struggle a bit tougher was the march that was happening on Barton Springs Rd. Now I am all for freedom of assembly but when your cause is fucking ridiculous that's when I get a little pissy. The knuckleheads were blocking both lanes of the damn road marching to legalize marijuana. If you smoke the stuff that's cool with me but if you are going to protest something then do it the right way and not in my way. The fucking morons were all over the place totally disrupting the flow of traffic and generally being douche bags. They have a cause which is great but when you take 300 baked jackasses all you have are 300 baked jackasses and no love from me.

After the ride I spent about 3 hours at the shop just hanging out. I can't tell anyone how much I enjoy that. Just sitting there and talking bikes and tri's. I had no place to be and the place was hoping. Glad to see business is well.

2 last things.....

I have a new bike. It's a 2009 Kutoa Kaliber. Sram Red. V Flow Seat. Shimano Wheels. Speedplay X2 pedals. Great bike and a joy to ride. I'll attach a pic of it.

Also....another pic. Now I was reading Inside Triathlete mag the other day and a pic totally caught my eye. It's Chrissie Wellington walking through the infield of a track after she finished a set of 200's. I just think it shows that even the pros get tired and enjoy walking just as much as use regular age groupers. To me the pic just says a lot.
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