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Cuboid What????

Posted Jul 09 2013 3:50pm

Remember how I told you about this amazing run I did in my last blog post ?  How I could run 20 miles off the proverbial couch?  Well a few days after that run the bottom of my right foot started to feel sore…and not quite right.  I kinda ignored it because you know I just got done writing this blog post about how cool I am and all that with running 20 miles.  How could I admit that something might be hurting.

Ignoring worked because the pain went away.  I did a little 40 min run a few days after my 20 miler  without incident and I kinda completely forgot that I had previously had a pain in my foot.  A few more days go by and it’s the 4th of July and I’ve got this 1:40 run which includes significant hill work!  I get into the workout and do all my intervals uphill on Green Mountain like a good little triathlete.  I hit my heart rates for the required amount of time.

My hill intervals are done and it’s time for me to turn around and head down.  By this time about 1:05 into the run.  I start cruising the downhill and before long I am getting this pain under my right foot that’s kinda hard to ignore.  Of course…being the good triathlete I am…I had to finish the workout though.  Needless to say by the time I got home I was in kinda significant pain.  Darn it!

I contact coach and text my PT Lauren(not sure if that’s a good thing being able to text your PT…means you need em frequently)  She was gracious and texted me back that she was out of state and wouldn’t be back until Monday.  We scheduled our appointment and there was nothing I could do until then….except Not Run  :-(

I began thinking about what the heck happened that I am getting pain in my right foot???  I have NEVER had a problem with my right foot.  NEVER.

That’s when I remembered my crash .  The crash I had during Ride The Rockies.  The crash that landed me right over onto my right side!  That’s when I put it together.  I figured that when I crashed I came unclipped from my pedals and landed on my right side and maybe even my foot someway.  It made sense.   Now it was just a matter of waiting until I saw Lauren on Monday to find out for sure what was wrong with me.

I made it through the weekend and even 100 mile bike ride with 7400 ft of climbing.  No pain in the foot at all.  3000 meter swim, no foot problems pushing off the wall.  Only a few more hours and I’d be seeing Lauren and get the 411.

I finally met with Lauren and after talking and probing and pushing here and there, she came up with the diagnosis.  Cubiod Syndrome!!!!  Halle…what?  What the heck is Cuboid Syndrome??  Well here’s some pictures to explain it!

Here’s the mechanism of Injury

Falling over and clipping out at the same time? Yeap

Falling over and clipping out at the same time? Yeap


And here’s what the Cuboid is-

That little bone right there can cause some pain!

That little bone right there can cause some pain!


So what’s an athlete to do when their Cuboid is syndromed???  See Lauren and have her put it back where it belongs!  A few movement and pressing on the pad and we could both feel the little “pop” back into place!

Few movements of the foot and pop it went!

The Cuboid Whip was executed and pop it went!

I immediately felt the difference.  And- I didn’t have to keep worrying that I had some how messed up my foot with my “cool” 20 mile run!  This was all due to my bike crash!

So what’s next?  Well I’m meeting Lauren on Wednesday to tape my foot before my next bike ride (today was a rest day) and she will evaluate at that time when I can start running!!!  (Did I mention what a great physical therapist she is??)    I’m so glad I won’t be needing to take a few weeks off from running!!!!  What a relief!

I’m back on track, my Cuboid is UnSyndromed and I have Lauren to thank once again!!!!  Got to love our PTs.  Lauren keeps me going!

So onto my next adventure! Cheers!





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