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Crowie, Rinnie, and Tim O (It’s all about RECOVERY)

Posted Aug 21 2012 3:20pm

Friday night found me down at the Fuelary Denver  for an evening with Crowie, Rinnie and Tim O.  For those of you who are not familiar with the Fuelary it’s a new sports recovery center in Denver.  They got it all!  Ice baths, Normatec Compression Pants…you name it!  All for only $59.95 a month unlimited!

Friday was the Fuelary’s  Grand Opening with special guest stars.  We mingled at the shop and then headed to The Garage for libations and a panel/chat with the World Champs.  The discussion and questions focused on……RECOVERY!  (imagine that)


The pros discussed what they do when they’re  NOT training.  Meaning, what do they do and not do for RECOVERY.  It was so cool to hear it from these world champs!  So here are just a few snippets of what they shared…..

  1. They all get messages three times a week.  (Wish I could!)
  2. They takes ice baths after all Hard training sessions.
  3. They use the Normatec Pants daily if not multiple times.  Tim shared they use them right before bed even for 10 minutes.
  4. They alway have on compression tights.  Always! 
  5. Rinnie always drinks Chocolate Milk  post workout (she mentioned that frequently)
  6. They never take a full day off from training when in the “bulk” of their training for Kona.  They always use Active Recovery and keep the muscles firing. (Crowie commented on how this helps to make you mentally strong for race day also!)
  7. They all do functional fitness training to improve the firing of their muscles (this info came from what they don’t do below)

Now for what they don’t do? 

  1. Yoga
  2. Stretching (when asked if they stretched or did yoga they all quickly shook their heads and said no!)

They also talked a bit about nutrition during a race.  A few nuggets from that discussion….

  1. Hydrate and fuel as much as you can on the bike! (Figure out what the right amount is for you)
  2. They all use flat Coke as their main fuel source on the run. Crowie even mixes some Red Bull in there.  The sugars are easy to assimilate.

It was fun to meet them…of course I ran into both of them after the discussion while coming and going to the bathroom.  I had to consciously NOT follow Rinnie into the bathroom.  Got to chat with Crowie for a bit (we’re ol buds now- hahaha). 

It was helpful to hear from them what they found works and doesn’t work.  I am always of the mindset ” why reinvent the wheel?”  If these things work for them…I’m going to try them myself and see if they work for me!   So I’ll be catching you all down at Fuelary Denver in those Normatec Compression Pants!





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