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Could it be?

Posted Feb 11 2010 11:18am
Karel and I always wondered where Campy came from. Where is the mommy and daddy of this chihuahua-Italian greyhound mix and does he have any brothers or sisters?
First offwho could ever want to abandon a dog with a face like this?

Hey where'd you go?

We got Campy about 1 1/2 years ago (I can't believe that's it...I feel like we've been BFF's forever) from a foster family in Amelia Island who had found him behind a building/warehouse. Thank goodness that "Sparkey's" foster mommy trusted me enough and allowed me to be the mommy for Sparkey-now known as Campy.

What a little blessing in our life.

He makes me a better person every day and most of allI wake up every morningwith Campylooking forward to another lottery-winning day.

We've seen a lot of look-a-like chihuahua's but never a match to Campy. I think it is his long legs that give him a distinctive look. People always ask "What kind of mix is he?"

Campy and I had a cold walk/jog to the Trek store last night and when we got therea customer was in shock to see Campy. Her husband pulled out his camera phone as the lady told me "That's MY dog!".
Of courseshe wasn't about to steel Campy from methey were in complete shock that Campy looked exactly like their dog XuiXui.
Once her husband showed me the picI couldn't believe it. This could be Campy's sister!!!!

I told her that Campy had to meet his long-lost sister so this morning she brought Campy to the Trek store before it opened and the two family members had a reunion.
The odds that this is actually his sister are probably slim but I am so happy that Campy is so happy. It was just a great start to my morning and I can't wait 'til the next doggy date :)

Now you can see why I am so pooped after my "campy" miles. What a runner!
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