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Chef Gordon Ramsay of Hell’s Kitchen plans to do Hell's Ironman Florida

Posted May 20 2009 11:12am

GordonRamsay He' s done 10 marathons in London, but now Gordon Ramsay has his sights set on the Ironman in Florida.

This Q and A is taken from a part of a recent interview he gave HERE:

Q: I read recently you completed a marathon with your wife, and you’re training for an Iron Man event. Could you tell us what the diet is you’re taking yourself just now and when the Iron Man event takes place?

G. Ramsay: Sure. Because it was my tenth marathon last Sunday, my tenth London marathon. The Iron Man I’ve got scheduled in for 2010, the Florida Iron Man.

In terms of diet, well, it was very hard in terms of what we do, eat and how we taste each and every day. So I’ve cut out dairy, I’ve cut out a lot of wheat things, and more importantly, I suppose the cooking techniques. I’m depending on sort of steamed and sort of and slow-baked. So very little cream, very little butter. And breakfast has turned around; I have a fresh fruit smoothie for breakfast, a light lunch, and then a proper dinner. Not because I’m not eating red meat, but less red meat and more white meat.

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