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Changing my status is easier than blogging

Posted May 06 2009 1:33pm
I have been taking my recovery period. a blog break just sorta happened. Since many of you are also on Facebook, I have been able to maintain communication via one liners.

I am getting my running back with some consistency. I do a trainer workout twice a week, and I have been doing the winter tri swim group workouts at Oberlin. Those are a blast. I haven't been in the pool since before XMas. I am all right with that, but I will be back in this week.

Music has really been fun this winter. I have been doing a lot of song writing and my performances have been to the level I expect and enjoy. I recieved a standing ovation at one show last month. This is a rare event for me, so I was very flattered. It also told me that I may have done something right. My relationship with my instruments has become much more delicate and deliberate. Some times I think I know what I am doing.

My race plans right now include:
The Big Sur Marathon
Maybe Race for Recovery 70.3 in June.
Steelhead(Tho Bbop suggested a half near the IMKY course)
GCT Sprint Followed by some guitar playing at the finish line

I will most likely toss in a few more Oly and sprints. My big plan this year is to have fun.

Anyhow, Big Sur training starts in two weeks.

Be well and Happy New Year.
Thanks for reading.
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