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Changing Movement Patterns: Running Gait

Posted Jul 29 2010 12:00am

There is a really good article in the most recent Runner's World (August 2010), called Desperate Measures . Author Todd Balf, after many years sidelined from running by injuries, catches the bug again and decides to follow as far as possible the slim chance that he may be able to run again, pain-free. After visiting various doctors, he ends up in a lab, where runners are taught to change their gair in order to  run more efficiently and correctly. One thing thatresonated with me was that he his a heavy runner and a possible solution to his problems would be to run lightly. After reading the article, I went out for my long run and, to the extent possible, I focused on running lightly - this increased my cadence, made me run more upright, made me tighten glutes and abs, all good things!


Four labs where you can get your gait assessed
The University of Delaware's Running Analysis Clinic (Newark, Delaware) A 90-minute evaluation ($290) assesses your injury history, running alignment, shoe wear patterns, and gait; and includes videotaping from three perspectives. (then click on PT Clinical Services)

The Running Injury Clinic (Calgary, Alberta) A two-hour analysis ($385) includes a 3-D analysis of your biomechanics, measurements of your strength and flexibility, and videotaping with an eight-camera system.

UW Health Sports Medicine Runners Clinic (Madison, Wisconsin) A 60-minute performance-oriented evaluation ($250) includes video analysis, a musculoskeletal exam, and footwear recommendations. The clinic also offers services ($120-480) for injured runners.

UF Sports Performance Center (Gainesville, Florida) A 60-to 90-minute gait analysis (starting at $200) uses a 14-camera system, examines your joint mechanics, and includes a DVD of your test.
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