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Cha Cha Cha Changes....

Posted Aug 21 2009 12:39pm
I know I've been behind of reading blogs as well as updating my own for the past few weeks - but a ton of changes going on in Chloe's World. All of them are pretty darn good.

With in 48 hours I was offered a position with a new company (whoohoo!) found a new condo with Jason (alright!). I've been kind of stressed out those things for the past week - so once I was offered the position and signed the lease - ahhhh...relief!

The new position is a great move with in the insurance industry with an excellent company. I will be traveling quite a bit around Florida and dealing face to face with agents. Also, it does not hurt to have a company car... a really cool one that I can throw my bike in. (hello hotel trainer sessions)

But I am looking forward to getting a schedule again and getting my training back on track. So due to this new job - I will not be able to do Clarmont 70.3 next month. Thankfully living in the Sunshine State - there are other races to choose from. But this job also throws in another obstacle with my food. I usually eat every two hours - anything from fruit, almonds, yogurt, etc....

So a question to the readers - anyone have any good tips on eating healthy on the road/hotels? I'm big on making my own 'healthy' bars that travel well - so PLEASE share any good ideas you might have!!

Random thoughts -

There is one good thing about hurricanes! Surf. Jason is heading over to Jacksonville this weekend to take advantage of all the goodness hurricane Bill has to offer!

LeeAnn is getting married this weekend! I can't wait to see all of my Kansas City friends! But my closet is seriously looking like the 28 dresses closet. Anyone needs bridesmaid attire? I have plenty to share!

I'm getting so excited for everyone who is going IMKY a week from Sunday! If you have your number - please share so that I can stalk on my computer!

Also - I'm still trying to decide on a new bike. OPEN TO ANY SUGGESTIONS! For those of you females - can you tell the difference between a regular tri bike and a female specific?
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