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Celebrate happiness and health with little swim, bike, and run challenge on your B-Day

Posted Oct 02 2009 10:00pm


Imagine spending your birthday in the pool, on the bike, and running down your favorite trial or path.

That' s exactly what hundreds of active people are doing each year by taking on the raceAthlete B-Fit B-Day Challenge.

The idea of the challenge is very simple, but athletically very challenging.

B-Day athletes take their age and in any order:

1) Swim the number of yards in the first number(# multiplied by 1000 yards),
2) Run the number of miles in the second number,
3) Bike the number of miles in the combined number.

So a 45-year-old athlete would:

1) Swim 4000 yards
2) Run 5 miles
3 ) Bike 45 miles

If you choose to accept the B-Fit B-Day Challenge they have four options for ribbons:

Bronze: Do all three (swim/bike/run) during the week of their Birthday.
Silver: Do all three (swim/bike/run) in the three days before, after, or on their B-Day.
Gold: Do all three (swim/bike/run) in 24-hours to celebrate their B-Day or for the super fit:

Platinum: Do all three in miles (swim first number in miles not yards/bike/run) in 24-hours to celebrate their B-Day.

The challenge is  "a celebration of your life, health, and fitness on your birthday."

The challenge is built around a social networking web site and participants are encouraged to share their challenge and birthday with others on the site by taking photos or videos of their day.

So far several hundred active people from all over the world have taken on the challenge as unique and healthy way to celebrate their birthdays."

For more info: Click HERE to learn more about the race athlete B-Fit B-Day Challenge.

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