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CapTexTri 750m Swim - 3rd Age Group!

Posted Sep 11 2009 2:04pm
Woo hoo, yet another wonderful weekend, and yet another race. As you can tell from the title, somehow I managed to get a third place in my age group. I got a "bronze" medal and a swimming cap as a gift. Yay!

The results are not posted yet, but I'm pretty sure there were three people in my age group, haha!

I did really well, for myself. I finished the 750 meter swim in 18:40. That's considerable improvement over my swim time in my first tri a month ago, where I swam 400 meters in 11 minutes. Given the distance was much longer this time and my pace was faster, I'm happy.

Also, I think I did better because now I know I have exercise induced asthma and I'm now managing it. For example, during my first tri, I swam 90% with my head above water, wheezing and gasping for air. It was a sad sight, for sure. This time, I swam 90% with proper form, breathing correctly. I felt much calmer, way more confident, and not scared that this race was almost twice the distance I raced just a month ago.

Oh yes, and the last couple of training swims I did in a natural swimming pool (Barton Springs) where you can swim non-stop for more than 8th of a mile in an open water conditions. It's one of the smarter things I've done in a while :)

Now, 18:40 for a 750 meter swim is not fast at all. Right after the 750 meter race, they held a 1.2 MILE race. The first person out of the water was a GIRL. And just guess how fast she swam the 1.2 MILES!!!! She did it in 26 minutes. TWENTY-SIX MINUTES. I believe she's twice as fast as I am. In-sane! When she got out, I wanted to run up to her and touch her biceps, but my husband wouldn't let go of my hand.

Well, the results are not posted, as I've already mentioned, and I'm itching to see my official time. You know the feeling, I bet! It's good progress, and I'm looking forward to my sprint tri in just a week :)
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