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Cancer Sucks... But So Does Depression... That's Why I Fight...

Posted Sep 28 2012 6:58pm
So after several hours... I have come to my senses and I know the real meaning of Why I Fight when it comes to the Rev3 Half Full 70 Triathlon next Sunday! For over a decade now... I've been trying my hardest to fight depression! It came about during my Senior year at Plano Senior High School... through my times at The University of North Texas... and still continues today! Even with depression I can be happy... but whenever I hit a high point of happiness... the very low point of hitting rock bottom comes into the picture shortly after! That's when my depression really shows... everywhere and every way possible! During my darkest days of hitting rock bottom... for example last night and most of today... I don't eat... I don't sleep... and worse off I don't train! Eating and sleeping... yeah those are important parts of taking care of my depression... but training... well that's the most important step to fighting it! All my doctors say that my training and racing is the BEST therapy for me! It gives me a chance to get out my emotions in a healthy way! So that in short... is Why I Fight! Bring on the Rev3 Half Full 70 Triathlon! Here we go...
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