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Canadians pay wide range of prices for healthy foods: report

Posted Feb 01 2009 12:00am

From CBC online , “Depending on where Canadians live, they may pay more than double to almost six times more for healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables or whole grains, according to a report released on Monday.
The Heart and Stroke Foundation's annual Report on Canadians' Health looked at 66 communities across Canada and the prices for healthy food.”

Absolutely Disgusting. That’s my reaction. As a person who works out, and tries to embrace a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition, the results of the study are absolutely staggering. For years we have been lead to believe that we pay more here in St. John’s than in other cities in Canada because of transportation costs, but what has been reported by CBC and The Heart and Stroke Foundation's really makes my blood boil. At $299.00 that’s $124.91 more than the cheapest city, Vancouver, by more than 2 times. It also costs $108.00 more in St. John’s than Whitehorse. I could understand maybe 50 bucks or so, but this is really mind blowing to me.

It’s also interesting that the study pointed out that “Transport costs don't explain all of the disparity.” A half dozen apples at 90 cents in Peterborough, Ont., are $7.64 in Rankin Inlet, and the same half dozen apples, costing $5.00 in Calgary are $1.71 in Edmonton. One kilogram of lean ground beef costs $13.21 in Ottawa, but only $4.14 in Barrie, Ont. Doesn’t make sense to me.

But the things that make you go HMMMM, don’t stop there. The report's authors said there was little variation in the cost of snack foods such as cookies, potato chips and pop that should be consumed in moderation. The result, especially in these tough times is that cheaper, less healthy food becomes more attractive.

So it’s no surprise that obesity both here in Canada, and south of the border, is out of control, and along with it, all the associated health problems like Heart Disease, Diabetes, and many forms of cancer.

It’s a situation that is spiralling out of control. As money gets tighter, more and more families are forced to make less healthy choices in the supermarket, while at the same time, society ends up paying more to treat the results of the disease.

Check out the story, and let me know what you think.

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