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Can a track star beat Mark Allen's 89 Ironman run split record in Kona this year?

Posted Sep 20 2011 12:36pm

Joe Joe Thonpe seems like a nice guy, a fast triathlete, and a very very fast runner.

But is he fast enough to beat six time Ironman World Champion Mark Allen's all time Ironman run split record?

And in case you are wondering that record time would be a 2:40 Kona marathon after of course a 2.4 mile swim and a very windy 112 mile bike ride.

Thorne certainly seems to think so as he recently wrote a blog post on Flotrack entitled "Its Going Down"

In fact Thorpe already tried for the record in Kona in 2009 and came away with the 3rd fastest run split of the day with a 2:51 marathon. That's very impressive indeed, but still a world away from a 2:40 marathon.

Thorne writes about his last Kona record breaking marathon try:

"Two years ago, in 2009, I set out with the same objective of breaking Allen's record. Not only was it my first full Ironman event, it was also the first time I had swam 4k, the first time I rode 112 miles and my first full marathon- ever. With not having done any of the distances alone, I had to piece them together consecutively…and successfully in order to achieve my lofty goals. I was so excited to get off the bike and finally start running that I ran the 1st 10 miles at 5:50/mile – which would have put me WELL under the record of 2:40, but I came up way short as the day proved to get the better of me as heat, dehydration and lack of fuel, as well as complete lack of experience all set in.

I did however accomplish the 3rd fastest run split of the day in 2:51, behind Andreas Raelert (also 2:51 – 3rd place overall behind Chris Lieto) and Craig Alexander (split 2:49 – the only person that year to go sub-2:50 – whom also won the title overall). At the end of the day I was 120th place.

This year is very different. I have learned from the mistakes of ’09 and deem for them not to be repeated. 21 days from now Allen’s record is going down and I am going to run myself into the top 25 overall at the Ironman World Championships."

You can read the entire post HERE and you can bet we'll be tracking Thorne to see how fast he runs this will Mark Allen...we suspect.


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Photo Credit: Joe Thorpe via Flotrack


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