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Bungee Straps and Triathlete 4 Life...

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:17am

Thanks to a few fellow bloggers suggestions... I can now do my daily blog posting... thanks guys :)

Bungee Straps... A MUST for your goggles

Used to work at a swim store... by now I woulda thought how great bungee straps for goggles were... esp since that's all I ever sold as replacement goggle straps to well... everyone. Well I finally listened to my own advice... broke down... and bought a pair. The best $5 ever spent. First off... compared to a regular rubber or siliconeish goggle strap... they don't break... at all! Second... they work with just about any goggle... whether the TYR Nest Pros... Speedo GCG... or Aquasphere Kaiman's... just to name a few! Third... they are easily adjustable... no hassle at all. Fourth... they come in a wide variety of colors... I chose pink to match my goggles. Go out and get a pair! I promise you'll never go back to that breakable rubber or siliconeish goggle strap :)

Blog Name... Triathlete 4 Life

Hasn't come up very often but every once in a while I am asked how I decided to go with the blog name of Triathlete 4 Life... simple... that's cause it's me. I am a "Triathlete 4 Life". I was fortunate to start this sport as a 19 year old college student trying to find time to waste on the days where I had nothing to do... never imagining I would earn an MDot... and even be nicknamed "The Champ" by a fellow triathlete and good friend! I'm going into my 6th season this year as a triathlete... now more a veteran than a newbie... hoping to aim high once again in my dreams and goals as an amateur. I see no stopping from here on out... with this sport. I intend to do traithlon as long as I can swim... even meaning one day floating on my back... cycling... even being the last one off as compared to the tops ones... and walking.... as opposed to running or jogging! So there ya go... Triathlete 4 Life it is!

More to come...

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