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Born to Run - Review

Posted Jan 06 2010 12:00am
I said I'd post a review, so here goes. "Born to Run" is a great book. It is a bit of a running story book. Along a similar, but different, vein to "Running with the Buffalos", "The Perfect Mile", or "Gold in the Water". A lot of folks have used it to further a particular cause like barefoot running or even a plant-based diet. But, it's not so much about that in my mind as those are just small parts of it.

It does get into the 'science' of why humans were born to run. How we have an achilles tendon that other upright and walking animals don't have. Also how we have this certain muscle or tendon that hold our heads upright and steady while we run. It talks about how much of a perfect shock absorber the foot is. How we aren't the fastest or slowest, but how we were able to separate ourselves from the neanderthals b/c of our physiological make up. It makes a very convincing argument for why we, as humans, are born to run.

More than that though, it is a book that takes you through some of the Tamahumara Indian tribe and some of the mainstays integral to their way of living. It blends this with several American characters that range from a jounalist to an ex-UFC type guy to several ultra runners. And, in the end, they all race. That is very much in a nutshell.

So, that's it. I very much liked the information presented about why minimalist running is a good thing. Why current running shoe design may not be a good thing. I won't go as far as to say everyone should run minimalistically, but just walking around barefoot a little bit more or even doing some minimal barefooting on nice soft grass or sand might help with foot and lower leg strength. I'll let you read the book and decide if it's right for you.
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