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Boring As Boring Can Be!

Posted Feb 16 2010 6:08pm

I was thinking I wouldn't write another blog until something blog-worthy or exciting happened. But now it's been a week since my last entry and...nothing. And we might be waiting a while for that blog-worthy event to occur. So I thought "what the heck, I'll just write about my boring life like always!" :) (But remember, boring is good. I like boring :)

ANYWAY - something *somewhat* exciting did happen today, at least for me! (I'm sure it's not exciting at all for you) I swam 1500 PAIN FREE yards this morning! WOO-HOO! This was quite an event. I was smiling from ear to ear as I left the YMCA for sure and although I was slow, slow, slow, right now I'm at the point in this injury where I don't care about slow, I'm just so happy to be training again! The next stage of injury is the "oh crap, I'm REALLY out of shape" stage but I won't worry about that just yet. :)

If there is one huge benefit of injury it's that it REALLY brings back that attitude of graditude and thankfulness for each workout. I work very hard ALL THE TIME to remember what a blessing training and racing is, and to really be thankful for each opportunity I have to do it. And in general my motivation is always quite high. BUT, being injured and not being able to swim/bike/run like I'd like to - well, that deepens the thankfulness and graditude and motivation all the more. This little rib strain has especially affected my motivation and love for running. I just can't even tell you how happy I am to be get out, even for just a 30 minute easy jog and even if it's 6 degrees (as it was on Monday morning) and 4:30 AM! :)

Anyway, I have been allowing myself to get a little excited for the season (dangerous I know, but still, hard not to do!). I'm certainly in some horrid shape (in terms of running and swimming) but I also know in the back of my mind that I do have plenty of time. Plus I'm armed with the experience of being injured (many times before) and knowing that although injuries STINK with a capital "S", I have had some of my very best racing seasons/years following injury. I take very little down time in the grand scheme of things and have been going hard since I've started triathlon, each year going to more and bigger races, making the season longer and longer and training harder and harder. So it only stands that my body was going to force some rest! This will be good for me. Right? ;)

But that's enough about my boring rib!

In other news, we're starting to collect a serious amount of trash. The garbage collectors are 8 days late now (due to snow I assume and to the fact that about 5 of the past 8 days our back alley, where the garbage is put out, has been impassable). It's amazing how quickly it adds up! And the recyclables! Oh the recyclables!

And in other, other news, there are some serious car-eating potholes developing on our roads! I drove over (around? through? in?) one today on my way downtown that I thought for sure I was not going to survive. Can't wait to ride my bike outside! (hehehe :)

And in other, other, other news I have an avocado in my fridge and I'm not sure what I want to do with it! It stares at me each day when I open up the refridgerator. It was expensive so I'm certainly not going to let it go to waste. I think I might slice it up and put it on sandwiches. What do we think of this idea? (guacamole is out)

And finally, in other, other, other, other news, I do love the Olympics! Winter Olympics aren't my favorite just because I don't know much about all those wintery/snowy sports nearly as much as I do about the summer sports. HOWEVER, how can you not get caught up in the Olympic spirit? Especially when they are being hosted just a hop, skip and a jump away by our lovely Canadian friends? :)

Bed-time. Have a lovely evening everyone! :)

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