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Bonfield Express 5K Race Report, 1st CHUGS run, XOOD Giveaway, Monday Weigh-In

Posted Nov 29 2010 8:38am

Teo walking for the camera

Thursday, Thanksgiving, the morning bloomed wet but not overly cold or windy, which was a decent way to run the Bonfield Express 5K. We had thought about running together, but with such a variety of speeds, we became spread out pretty quickly. Added to that was approximately 3000 runners/walkers, who made it extremely difficult to pass by walking 5, 6, 7, or 8 abreast (yes, that is a lot of breasts), staggered so that our Kelty stroller had little room to maneuver. I ran ahead for awhile, catching Teo so that I could get his photo. He ran most of the race himself, as he did not need many walking breaks.

Gaja walking for the camera

Most of my time was spent with my daughter, who delighted in tormenting me by running the uphills and walking the downhills, clearly not an ultra runner as of yet.

Laima running with 45 pounds+ in the stroller

Eventually Laima, Gaja, Mantas, Aleksas and I ran together for much of the distance. Mantas would take off at a dead sprint, then, worn out, hitch a ride on the front of the stroller and then, at a most inopportune time, announce he was ready to run again. As we zigzagged our way through slower folks, we gave ground whenever Mantas had to climb in or out of the stroller, so we saw the same other people over and over again. Gaja would run along happily, then decide to walk, so we got passed and had to repass people during those times as well. At around 2 1/2 miles, Mantas announced that he would run the rest of the way in, so I took Aleksas in the stroller, caught up to Gaja, and we ran it all the way in.

The Bonfield Express 5K is our town race, so it was fun to see neighbors and friends during and after the race. Next year we'll do a better job of coordinating with others so that we can send the kids off with their friends and then just meet up at the end.


Sunday I met up for the first time with the Chicago Ultrarunners (CHUGS) for a group run at Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve . It was a small group, lots of people out of town and some sick, but nonetheless a great introduction to this group. They are an incredibly active group, with training runs, fatass events, socials, and lots of racing. Looking forward to meeting up with them again, training and learning about completing ultras.

Just a quick reminder that the XOOD pack giveaway is still going on. For the product review and information on how to enter, head over to the XOOD post .
Monday Weigh-In results:

Weight: (Goal of 165) - 193.6
BF: (Goal of 11-22) - 12.6
TBW: (Goal of 50-65) - 57.4
VF: (Goal of 1-12) - 6

Considering this was a holiday weekend, the one pound weight gain is insignificant related to the massive amount of food and wine I ingested. More telling is the 1+% body fat increase. I feel sluggish and slow, and will turn it around this week. Blood work and six month doctor check-up coming up very soon, hoping I can ditch some or all the supplements, but it won't happen if these poor choices continue.
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