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Blue skies, open roads, and big miles

Posted May 18 2009 11:10pm
This weekend was the best training weekend of the year as far as the weather was concerned. It was perfect. Friday night as I laying all my cycling gear out for the next morning’s ride I looked at the pile of clothes and commented to my beautiful wife that the pile was much smaller than normal since there was no need for long pants, or booties, or big gloves, or rain jackets, or any of that crap.

Saturday I was off on the ride at 7:15am and it was a cool, but not cold, 47* outside. But very soon after I was pedaling along and loving that fact that I wasn’t freezing or wet or miserable which was a nice change from previous recent rides. I rode about an hour before meeting up with the rest of the Ironheads and then we were off on the longest and best ride of the year. The eight of us circled Hagg Lake which is full to the top and gorgeous right now. We rode through the small town burgs of Gaston, Forest Grove, Roy, and North Plains. The conversation was lively, the pace was not too hard and not too easy, and it was wonderful. Immediately upon returning home I quickly changed and was out the door for a transition run on legs that were fairly tired from a good effort on the bike. I kept the pace steady and what I felt was easy and then was pleasantly surprised to see I was at 7:00 straight up at the first mile marker. It didn’t feel that hard or that fast…and that is good. So I relaxed a bit further and just ran. By that time of the day it was pushing 80* and I was feeling that so I was very happy to be done shortly thereafter.
Stats for Saturday’s bike: 83.3-miles in 4:47 @ 17.4-mph.
Stats for Saturday’s run: 4.3-miles in 30:38 @ 7:07/m pace.

Sunday was long run day and just two weeks after the marathon and with the ride the previous day I wasn’t sure what to expect. I got an early start to beat the heat so it was only ~50* when I headed out. I ran a two loop course from home so I could take a bio break and rehydrate half way through the run. The first loop felt great after about 2-miles of loosening the legs up and I was loving it. The second loop started great, but about 2/3’s of the way through it it became a bit of a struggle. It had warmed up considerably by then and my legs were wondering why I was doing this to them. But soon enough I was finished and a big volume weekend of training was in the books and done.
Stats for Sunday’s run: 16.4-miles in 2:04:01 @ 7:33/m pace.

And to start this week off on the right foot, I was of course in the dang pool at 5:00am. That really sucks on a Monday. But in I was and after the initial shock wore off I cranked out some very good splits. It was a nice way to start the week…after it was done!
Stats for Monday’s swim: 2,500-yards in 58:47 (50:47 w/rest) 5x500 w/30-sec. rests.

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