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Posted Oct 22 2008 4:46pm
Less than 2 weeks til the Cleveland half marathon. Hope to see some of our blogging buds there. Past couple days, I have had a little discomfort on the instep of my left foot.
3 reasons for it.
1. Running shoes and dress shoes a bit tight in that area.
2. Upped mileage a bit too much
3. Back away from the buffet J.T.?

I am easing up just a little bit..icing and also getting to the pool. However, I am not looking for sympathy.don't whip out your violins..unless of course you happen to be this woman..haha.
Miri Ben-Ari. She's the stunningly gorgeous hip hop violinist.
Before a Cavs Wizards playoff game, I was doing a live shot from the "Q" and she was going through rehearsal. WOW!! blew me away. She performed at halftime...(for a taste of her talent, CLICK here ). Of course, I showed how worldly I am when, after the game, I was walking down a hallway after getting interviews in the Cavs lockeroom and she was leaving the arena with her p.r. people. Here is ..word for word, our conversation.

That in depth conversation will be expanded soon to be a feature length movie...haha

I am in search of the Holy Grail of pace's. Eric Clapton. The legendary song, Layla is just over 7 minutes long. I want to be able to fire up that song and cover a mile before its done. I don't know that I could do a 5k race and average that pace, but I am working on it. Did 3 interval treadmill workouts in the past 10 days. On one of them, I busted out 2 different paces of 7:18 at the top of a ladder of intervals. The Catch?? I only managed 2 different segments of 2 minutes each at that pace. Its coming.
Finally, its not surprising to me, that two of my favorite musical artists are Stevie Wonder ... and Andrea Bocelli. Both, as you know, are blind. Its wonderful, how their talents are wonderfully heightened to seemingly make up for the lack of sight. Stevie is as inventive as any musician in history and Bocelli just totally blows me away. Imagine how great it was for me to hear the pair team up on Bocelli's Amore cd. Here is the song, Canzoni Stonate. (Link to You Tube) It means "Songs out of Tune" which just cracks me up.
Part of the lyrics
If you close your eyes
you might hear us even from there
Songs of love
That still make your heart feel good
We almost always talk
Sometimes not, sometimes not

Wonder's harmonica playfully accompanies Bocelli's strong voice and later in the song, Stevie vocalizes as well. When I first heard them together, I got misty eyed. I kid you not. You don't have to search for heaven in the skies...its right here before your eyes. Sighted or Not. Its like faith. You don't have to see it to believe it. Its in your heart.
Finally, Stevies hit Superstition needs some new lyrics, courtesy of triguyjt. Get ready for "Triathlon Transition" future posts. Happy Training!!
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