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Blah Blah Blah...

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:17am

You could say that was my swim workout this morning... and I'm serious about that! I planned on doing Individual Medley work today... got some done until I noticed the mounds of triathletes at the pool today. Crazy I tell ya... crazy! So there I am doing my workout I created... and I start hearing talk about triathlons. Well... being the blabber and eavsdropper I am... I started getting into the others coversations... pounding them with questions about what tris and such they are training for. In total I ened up meeting three traithletes... two newbies and one veteran to the sport. The veteran is taking another year off and the newbies are getting ready for some sprints and olympics. How awesome is that? I probably talked for a good 45 minutes or so giving them advice... telling them how they'll be hooked... all the good stuff! Oh how I love blabbing with triathletes :)

More to come...

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