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BitterSweet...Sweet and Bitter

Posted Aug 28 2009 8:19pm
Sweet: Ironman Florida was this weekend. I have a few athletes that I've kept. Two were doing Ironman Florida...MG and TM. One had a goal of breaking 11 hours. We both thought it was kind of one of those everything should go well kind of goals for that to happen. She broke 11 with a 10:58. I think that was a pretty good PR of sorts, even though in my mind getting a PR in a triathlon is a bit of a misnomer unless it is on the exact same course. There are no PRs in triathlons.

Bitter: My other athlete, TM, had a mechanical on the bike. She wanted to finish before the cut off. She was worried about making the cut offs. I said, there's no reason to think like that since you've done the work, you are going to beat the cut offs with no problem. Well, the mechanical cost a LOT of time. Once she got it fixed, she rode HARD to beat it, but didn't. She's going back next year.

Sweet: I ran 8 miles this AM, and things felt good.

Bitter: I am not going to do Clearwater. The way I told a friend of mine is that I feel like my gimpy calf has left me with a little bit of a peashooter going into this race, when I need a bazooka to go into this race.

Sweet: I am cautiously optimistic on IMAz in 3 weeks. I should also be on a new ride for the race, that'll be worth a faster bike split without trying right there.

That's all. Start positive, end positive. I'll post more later.
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