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Biggest. Week. Ever.

Posted Jul 31 2011 9:48pm

I survived. I survived!

Things I observed and/or learned after 310 miles of biking, 45 miles of running and 24,200 yds of swimming in the past 7 days:

1) An ice cold Coca-Cola can fix just about any problem you might have.

2) I like my bike more than I thought. Although I can't imagine what it would be like to be a pure cyclist wherein you just ride your bike. All day. Every day. Yuck.

3) When I ride my bike and run, I don't think of much. At all. Between yesterday and today I was on my bike for a total of 11 hours, 17 minutes and 53 seconds (all of it by myself). I can't think of one thing I thought about. My mind just seems to "empty". :)

4) Without Oscar, I'm not sure how I'd do this. He swam with me on both Saturday and Sunday to keep me company. AND he drove me to swimming both days (each drive 45 minutes one way). And he makes me smoothies. And he doesn't complain when I go to bed at 8 pm. :)

5) As beaten up and tired as I sometimes feel on Saturday nights when I walk into church, I always feel so awake and ALIVE when I leave church. It's as if God just fills me right back up. :)

6) It's inspiring to stop mid way through your long ride to watch your husband and cousin crush it in a local 5K. They both put a little wind in my sails for the last 4 hours of my ride!

7) God has made us much stronger and more capable than we can ever imagine. I just never thought my body could do what I've asked it to do.

Happy week everyone! And when in doubt, stop for a Coke - it will make it all better! :)

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