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Biggest Loser finale strange outcome: Biggest loser isn't the biggest winner

Posted May 26 2010 8:32am

Mike By now you probably know that Michael Ventrella took home a cool quarter of a million dollars as the winner of this season Biggest Loser.

He started out at 526 pounds and lost 264 pounds for a final weight of 262 pounds, or more importantly he lost just a tad over 50 percent of his original body.

The 50 percent number (percentage of his original body weight) is crucial because that's how the Biggest Loser contestants are always judged.

In other words, it is the percentage of body fat loss that determines everything in the show.

Koli Palu was the at-home winner this year and walked away with $100,000 but (and this is the part that's strange) he actually lost a bigger percentage of body weight than Ventrella.

He started on the show at 403 pounds with a final weight last night of 188. He lost a total of 215 pounds or 53.35 percent of his original body weight.

BL-Finale That means he's by far the biggest loser and not Michael Ventrella. But because Palu didn't make the final three he didn't qualify for the big prize money.

This sort of sounds like running a marathon in the fastest time and still not winning it.

Come to think of it that happened in San Francisco during the Nike Women's Marathon (you can read about that HERE ) a few years ago.

So see the Biggest Loser and endurance sports do have some things in common.

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