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Biggest Loser finale 2009: marathon time but why?

Posted Dec 02 2009 9:34am
Biggest-loser-320 On last night's episode of the Biggest Loser, the four remaining contestants Amanda, Liz, Danny and Rudy went home for 60 days and returned to California to run the Biggest Loser Marathon before the weight in.

To cut to the chase, Amanda and Liz were both below the yellow line, so now America votes to see which of the two will make the final three, and the show's finale will air live on Dec. 8 (8 p.m. EST) on NBC.

Watching Amanda, Liz, Danny and Rudy run the marathon was an exercise in painful frustration. The four were told they would run a full marathon about sixty days from the event and apparently nothing else. At one point in the show Liz said she would train for the marathon by running to her mailbox (one mile)  and back as many times as possible.

Rudy, who finished with the best time of about 5-hours and 12-minutes, didn't really train for the marathon according to Bob the trainer.

Amanda said while running the marathon that she didn't really consider herself an "athlete" and that marathons were for "athletes."

OK guys, (and by guys we mean both the contestants and the shows producers) just in case you decide to run another marathon here are our Top Seven Tips for your next 26.2 mile race.

7) Never-ever-ever,  run much further than to the mailbox (except you Liz) in a cotton shirt. This is not 1970 and you guys (producers) could pop for a nice technical shirt for the contestants if you are going to make them go 26.2 miles.

6) Training for a marathon is not brain surgery and should not be done by running as far as possible. There are now hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people (amatuer athletes) who run a marathon every year. Next time you have 60 days to train download a training plan and you'll be a much happier marathon runner in 60 days.

5) You cannot "lift" your way to a marathon. While weight training is a great supplement to any marathon training plan you can't get marathon fit by doing squats. You need to run...a lot! And guess what? When you run (a lot) you burn (a lot) of calories.

4) If you think you won't be able to run the entire marathon download a run/walk marathon training plan and stick with it. This may sound strange but many amatuer athletes can actually run/walk a marathon faster than just trying to run the entire 26.2 miles

3) When training for a marathon or even running a marathon stay away from cement and heaven help you if you must run or train on concrete. We couldn't help but notice that as you guys ran down the road you completely avoided the softer dirt path right next to the road. Running is really hard on your body and the less impact the better. Most professional runners we know will avoid cement and concrete like the plague when training.

2) This one's for the producers of the show. If you are going to make the final four beginner runners run a marathon, the least you can do is put down a carpet or a mat at the end of the race instead of making them run down a sandy beach. After 26-miles of running we're amazed that nobody twisted an ankle on the soft sand at the end of the race.

1) And while we're being critical of the producers, we'd like to suggest that making the contestant run a marathon without proper equipment, training, coaching, preparation, or enough time to really train (you need at least 3-months at a minimum) is a pretty selfish.

Yes, it makes for good television drama, and certainly the viewers love it, but a marathon isn't a 5K race and it seems just a bit foolhardy to make beginner runners tackle the hardest event in running. It would be like sending them up to summit Mt. Everest before they ever learned to climb.

If you really want drama why stop at a marathon? Perhaps next year they can do an Iron distance triathlon in under 17-hours. If you really want drama---this would notch it up a few hundred pegs.

We're of course kidding....really, please don't go there.

We are very proud and impressed that Amanda, Liz, Danny and Rudy all finished the marathon, we're just not sure why?

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