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Big Ride...Solid Week

Posted Aug 28 2009 8:19pm
First off...I had a couple of athletes do 3M today. Since I haven't spoken with them yet, it looks like they did pretty well based solely on the results.

Anyway, this weekend ended pretty solidly. Earlier in the week was some lighter training to make sure that I was recovered from Frost yer Fanny. You have probably gathered that I try to have pretty much repeatable weeks in terms of volume and not too many down weeks in training. My rest weeks generally occur during race weeks. I'll peak for an 'A' race, but if it is a 'B' or 'C' race like last weekends, I might take a couple of days of lower intensity, but still maintain volume. The week after ALL races, I make sure to take a couple of easy days to make sure that I'm recovered. That's a long way of saying that I took a couple of easy days on the front end of the week.

Monday - Easy swim, easy ride with some high cadence efforts.
Tuesday - Run Hill Workout, strength, Bike with hard efforts.
Wednesday - TXLA swim and aerobic run.
Thursday - WAWA swim and bike with shorter threshold intervals.
Friday - Easy swim solid run, strength.
Saturday - Solid Solid ride (3,000 KJ), solid run, easy swim, core.

Saturday's ride was starting with the ATC ride and then finishing with several of the boys from AustinBikes. This is one of the many great bike shops in Austin (MANY bike shops in Austin, many GREAT bike shops in Austin). Sol and Eric have build a reputation on service over the past couple of years and have continued to grow. Austin Bikes is probably one of the shops that a lot of the 'hard core roadies' go to, but there are no shortage of 'regular Joes' who go in there and are treated with great service and super friendliness. If you don't have a shop or are looking for a new one...check these guys out. Our other favorite shops in town would have to be Jack and Adam's and the guys down the street at Tri-Cyclist. That's kind of a non-committal list of shops, but Austin is home to many great shops and if one of them does not fit what you want out of a shop, then I'm sure that the other will.
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