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Search posts: Top 50 Bike Friendly Cities

Posted Apr 15 2010 3:23am

It could be the dreaded F word again. That throbbing pain in my temples and sore glands. I meant to post a review of the 12 week power builder program from , but that would just be plain torture right now.

Instead, I direct you to Bicycling .com , and an interesting article I found that is in line with yesterdays post on bike lanes in Toronto. It’s sort of a a list of lists, and includes the Top 50 bike friendly cities in North America. Other lists include 5 bike friendly foreign cities, 5 bike friendly American cities with a population under 100,000, as well as a community wish list.

The top in each category are

Foreign cities, Amsterdam, Holland
American cities with a population under 100,000, Davis CA 64,300
And Top idea to push for in your community,
Gear giveaway. Such as a night light in lieu of a ticket if the police stop you riding after dark without proper illumination.

To get the full lists and a description of each, hit the links, and I promise to review the Power Builder Program soon.
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