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Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life

Posted Feb 17 2013 10:05pm

I’m just sayin’.

Sure, on the outside we may look like pristine, spandex-clad Greek gods and goddesses out dominating Ironman triathlons, Crossfit games and ultra-runs, but on the inside, we deal with depleted hormones, overstressed hearts and broken guts from our physically demanding lifestyle.

We tear-up, trash and tank our bodies for the sake of enhancing endurance, while sacrificing our health and life.

For example, I spend lots of time looking at biomarkers of very physically active people, talking to endurance athletes on phone and Skype , and conversing with athletes from my teams, clubs and gyms, and typical frustrating problems I see or hear repeatedly include:

-Low testosterone (especially in men), combined with low libido, frustration about bedroom “difficulties”, constant tiredness during the day, and lack of motivation, competitiveness and drive.

-Low luteinizing hormone and progesterone (especially in women), combined with brain fog, appetite cravings (especially at night) and a seeming inability to shed fat despite lots of training.

-Embarrassing bloating and gas after meals, despite eating seemingly healthy foods, and a constant feeling that something just “doesn’t see right” with digestive function, bathroom trips, and overall gut health.

-Trouble getting to sleep at night, or waking up multiple times during the night, often despite being tired during the day at the office or driving around in the car.

-Constantly sore joints, nagging injuries that won’t go away, missing workouts from getting sick or getting annoying sniffles all the time, and occasional strange ghost symptoms, like random headaches, heart flutters, or tingling and numbness.

Strangely, many of this stuff is accepted as normal or even worse, kept hidden because we’re embarrassed about having these health issues despite appearing to be fit and healthy on the outside.

But when it comes to enhancing your body and building endurance, there’s a better way to do things…and while I’ve certainly talked about underground methods you can use to avoid chronic-cardio self destruction and get extremely fit with the minimal effective dose of training, there are a ton of nitty-gritty details that simply get left out of endurance training and nutrition manuals.

And it’s time things changed, because let’s face it:

Being the best you can be is difficult when you’re held back by frustrating issues such as brain fog, body fat, an irritated gut, depleted hormones or constantly sore joints, so most of us endurance athletes live our lives at just a fraction of our peak capacity, completely powerless to tap into our full potential or achieve our goals as quickly as possible.

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