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Posted Dec 20 2012 10:28pm

I just finished reading the latest post from Tynan and it hit home.  As my wife and I have moved to full retirement and our first snow bird winter, it is once again time to reconsider and reevaluate.  

Am I making the highest, best use of my minutes, hours and days?  Am I still a human becoming rather than just living as a human being?   Am I moving forward as opposed to just treading water and watching the conveyor belt of life move me onward until I finally drop of the end?

I think that making the decision to spend winters in another country and another culture is very valuable for me, personally.  It has forced me to grow and experience the next few months through a new set of lenses.  The joy of working through conversations to create an understanding of what each of us, from totally different worlds and cultures, is attempting to communicate is complex, often challenging but thoroughly enjoyable.  High fiving each other at our successful comprehension of whatever it is we are trying to say brings a smile and a small victory for each of us.
When one travels to another country, working to replicate the good old USA can be seductive.  However, to do that would be, in my mind, a waste of a chance of a lifetime.  Instead, I get out, laugh and joke with people who speak not a single word of English and eat, boy do I eat.  Friends and relatives are constantly wanting me to try foods, fruits and vegetables and I am game.  I have experienced some amazing textures and flavors.  Just call me Mikey !
So my goal continues to be one of avoiding stagnation and maintaining a determination to continue growing and experiencing.  This is life and we only have one and it makes no sense to avoid living it fully.
As least that is my perspective.
Thank you for visiting.
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