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Beer Me Yoga

Posted Mar 17 2010 9:46am
Life is good, ya'll. It really is.

I was thinking about my injury and the surgery I'll have to have, and I'm so happy this is happening to me now.

Here's why.

In '02-03, I essentially fell off my bunked bed half asleep (please do laugh... it was ridiculous), and I received some pretty bad trauma to the cartilage within my ankle joint. Then later on in life I ran. A LOT. Haters are happy to point out that I ran "too much" and that now I'm paying for it because I have to get surgery.

Well, dear haters, there is no doubt that running aggravated this injury, and I found out about it much sooner than I would have if I didn't run. BUT - it's not that I shouldn't have run... it's that I shouldn't have fallen. AND, if I didn't run I would find out about this injury in old age, which would be too damn late. This injury is fixable only through surgery unless it's caught when you are essentially a child, and the recovery after surgery is longer the older you are with less and less chance of running again. SO. I'm young, I'll heal fast, I've ran a ton with great progress, and I'll run again.

And that's why life is good.

In the meantime, beer me yoga, please. Cause that's all I can do, haha. Even cycling and swimming irritate my ankle.

I've finished my 60-day Bikram yoga challenge, took a week off, and now I'm back in the studio. The entire challenge, honestly, was in no way as satisfying as one - yes, just one - long run, but it kept me in great shape and gave me confidence that I'll be running again. I don't know why the challenge was the source of confidence. I guess because it's better than sitting on your butt and whining about your "hard" life. Plus, it's always good to know that you'll be absolutely fine without doing that one thing you love to death. I know I'll be fine without running. Imagine how fine I'll be when I run again.

Supah fiiine.

Yeah, I did just write that.

'Hope you all are doing fine too!
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