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Beans, Beans, Nothing But Beans

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:46pm
My Dearest Blogging Buddies.

My nearly 3 week rejection of coffee and most all things caffeine has caused some negative feedback from the blogosphere. Many people have emailed me and asked that since its been a while without caffeine, my dreams have gotten boring. Seems many liked the fact that my caffeine deprivation tactic the first week had my brain working overtime, thinking of wild and incredible scenarios. It was a dream smorgasboard. Some found it humorous.

I told you about Juan Valdez, Mrs. Folger and my Bride and the coffee beans. On top of that, there were the Amish men rebuilding my roof and the Bob Vila imposter. Ohh, did I forget the therapy with Dr. Phil??
But since that week, the dreams have gone underground, become muzak to my psyche. They are, dear bloggers very mundane dreams. I hit the rack, snore like a 747 and simply wake up. NOTHING happens. Not even, Bill Gates wearing a tutu, while downloading the latest Windows Vista.

I will say this, the snoozing J.T. dreams may have gone south, but the AWAKE J.T. has become more crazy.
Here are just a few of the things I have done since I caused the behemoth coffee company to become Sleepless in Seattle.

*I jumped in the Lake, with only my heavily clothed bride to save me. (see previous post). That was stupid.
*I taught a goat sign language.
*I was the warm up act for Hannah Montana.
*I finished research into how Crabs feel about all the Imitation Crab Meat on the market.
*I climbed Mount Everest while wearing flip flops.
*I learned to fly a helicopter...during my lunch break.
*I signed up to train Macca.
*I dunked on LeBron James.
Fairly wild stuff. Meanwhile, the siren song of the coffee beans has been doing a dastardly thing. Its taunting me. Teasing me about the wonderful taste of the beans roasted, and brewed. I am resisting with herculean effort. But ohhh...those beans are flirters. They are tenacious. I fear if I give in, then, my life will be once again out of control.
So, dear bloggers...I desperately need help. Help me!!!
P.S. On another note...The 2008 Race schedule is close to being finalized. I'll keep you Perking...I mean...posted.

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