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Be Thankful for What You've Got

Posted Nov 03 2009 10:02pm
Ew, what a serious post title. What am I? Your mother? Right?

But, honestly, guys, do you ever have these moments where life throws it in your face that you are one ungrateful pig?

Yesterday, at the track, my co-worker and I were half-jokingly complaining to our friend (I started it) about how our boss gets on our case for getting into work a bit late now and then when he's never really there to see us stay late or come in early. Our friend listened to us and then shared a story about how a couple of days ago her boss yelled at her for something completely ridiculous and made her cry in front of a bunch of people.

Uh, note to self - shut up, stop complaining, even if jokingly, about problems that are not real.

A couple of days ago, I was at the gym swimming pool. In the entire pool, there was just me and one other person, and I couldn't help it but observe (I wasn't staring, I swear!). There was this guy - very muscular, very fit. I know I talk about this often - we subconsciously assign superior athletic ability to people who look fit (maybe this says more about me than anyone else, I don't know) - so, I automatically thought "he must swim twice as fast as me". Yet, the guy couldn't swim. And, not as in "his stroke was bad". He literally couldn't swim. He'd go only half way in the 25 meter long pool to stay in the shallow part, and it was a complete surprise that he'd even get that far. What he did didn't look like swimming. He seemed to smash the water with his entire body, flailing his arms, creating enormous waves, and sending drops of water high into the air. There was this sense of panic around him. He was obviously afraid of drowning. Yet, he was out there swimming.

Uh, again, note to self - shut up, stop bitching about not being a fast swimmer, be grateful that you CAN swim and are okay at it.

I do this often, though. And, while I understand I don't need to justify my problems - after all, I'm the one living my life - at the same time I need to be thankful a bit more.

In the past, this has been hard for me to do because saying that I'm great where I am would get equated with complacency in my mind. But it really isn't so. Realizing that some problems are not real and some pressures are purely self created - that can help us free a lot of our energy to do better. Less bitching about work - more time spent doing a good job; less bitching about slow swimming - more time spent valuing the gift you've got and improving. That's really how it works. So, let's appreciate what we've got just a bit more :)

PS. And the track workout rocked. I gained a lot of fitness in the last 1.5 months even though I couldn't go to the track. Thank you swimming, biking, yoga, and long distance running.

I warmed up for 1.25 miles at about 8:10 pace. I know! That's too fast! It was too easy, to be honest. I suppose, all that sleep and rest after the 14 miler really helped.

I'll probably lose you here, but my workout went like this: 2 sets of 600m stong effort, 200m all out, 200m easy (the super fast 200 meters after a pretty hard 600m is called a "kick), and then I did 4 sets of 200m fast x 200m slow.

The times for the "kick" workout were:

1st set: 600m strong - 2:39 (i.e. roughly 7 min pace), 200m all out - 44 secs (i.e. about 6 min pace), 200m easy - 1 min (i.e. about 8 min pace);
2nd set: 600m strong - 2:35 (a bit faster than the 1st set), 200m all out - 51 secs (oops slowing down), 200m easy - 1:48 min (I think that's called walking).

The times for the fast 200s in the rest of the workout were: 43, 40, 40, 45 secs (5-something to 6 min/mile pace).

I was very happy with how I did! A good effort, good speed, and a good volume. Yay me!
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